6 Minute Video on How Preferential Voting Can Work To Favour Minor Parties

6 Minute Video on How Preferential Voting Can Work To Favour Minor Parties

By Maleny Free Thinkers


A short video showing how to favour minor parties and independents when voting for a candidate in the Australian House of Representatives. Thanks to Satya Demasson for your creative input.


Here’s what others had to say:

Never realized that crooks have set up a system for all most 80 years to get elected but this pandemic showed the real face of corrupt labor and liberal parties and this gives a great chance to do a great reset to their f**king order and kick them out. Let’s save Australia. Australia has risen.

Fantastic video. Information that I’m sure, so many people will benefit from.

Great tutorial on how the Preferential System of voting works. I hope people will start to wake up.

yeh great presentation…but GAP won’t be on the bottom….just saying lol

Very useful. As an immigrant in Australia, I can’t vote yet but was wondering how this system worked and how we could steer the country back in the right direction.
In a nutshell: select the big treasonous parties last (pretty obvious).

You didn’t use real candidates but you did use real parties. I’m betting UAP is a false flag. But you’ve already set a bias.

Very good video nothing there that I did not know already. But advise people to share and share again.

Original Source: https://rumble.com/vqiszb-6-minute-video-on-how-preferential-voting-works-to-favour-minor-parties..html

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