These Man Traveled Through Time and Revealed Mysterious Things

These Man Traveled Through Time and Revealed Mysterious Things

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These Man Traveled Through Time and Revealed Mysterious Things.


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Norbert Szot
Human kind is still far too primitive to understand universe. We are making very slow progress. We compare everything to what we know or what we been told by scientists or teachers at school. We assume how things mostly work but we are never certain.
People don’t believe in aliens or time travel but belive in God. Interesting

Susan Mann
I often wonder about the energy, essence that makes up each one’s personality & where it transfers upon demise. If there is thing as time travel; I think it would be dangerous to go backward because of the disturbance you would make. also be terrifying to
advance into the future & observe the changes both physical & social.

Nikolaj Carter
You would be surprised but the human mind mainly in scientists and those. Told that it wasn’t real to ease their fears as kids continues to insist it’s not real. As if humans really sat there and dreamt up all this mythology. And all of these stories and movies and tv shows.

Wally Zeidan
They got the time to sit in office and make up fucking story built on lies and fabricated every single act in it because they do not have anything good to do , they design a programme to entertain people and there job simply is to lie.

Clive Seymour
my query with time travel is if you time travel you aren’t moving in space. If for example the sun travels 137miles per second around the galactic centre. If you time travelled even one second into the past you will be in space wouldnt you? So would you also need to build a time travelling spaceship?
So one year time travel. You will be
4,320,432,000miles from earth.

Dartanyan Rogers
I dont believe anybody. EXCEPT Einstein….and he did say time travel was “POSSIBLE”

Steven Roberts
You time travel a little on an aeroplane ✈️ but going way into the past is impossible as it would already be in the history books. This is modern day bull shit and fantasy. Someone turns up in the year 1558 for example would definitely be seen by the then modern man and written about! But also everyone who claims to have gone forward have no recollection of memory or the technology of the time.

Tony Lynch
We are time travelling right now, moving into the future at a rate of 1 second per second….

Donald Ortiz
Not just a case of “can’t be explained, so let’s create a cover story to explain it,and dismiss it”,in the case of the Ukrainian man.In his case,the proof was in his camera as well as on his person.I’m certainly inclined to believe it was an actual time anomaly event.It happened. The case of the of the man reincarnated from a sailor involved in the Philadelphia Experiment, is a bit more complicated. Once again,I’m inclined to believe the story was factual

TheLast Cool Baba
This story is similar to that of Japan 1954..Mysterious man from TOREAD

Budi Setiawan
I believe human kind will travel around the whole universe one day, we will visit or even live from one planet to another like in Star Trex or Star Wars movie. The exploration of space era is soon coming up but travelling back in time or to the future using a time machine is one thing that’s totally impossible to me, I never believe in it, not at all.

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