The Contagion Myth: Sally Fallon Morell, Thomas Cowan, M.D. and Mike Adams Debate the Plandemic

The Contagion Myth: Sally Fallon Morell, Thomas Cowan, M.D. and Mike Adams Debate the Plandemic

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How many different ways do you need to be told there is NO scientific proof before you let go of the lie you’re believing? Apparently a few more.

A Leaked Plan of the Freemasons?
I am unfamiliar with Project Avalon and Bill Ryan and yet this information that was published in 2010 seems to be lining up with the events that we see that formed and are forming in 2022.

Washing your hands is not just ‘one of the topics’. Forget the mask. Like Trump, wash your hands. You’ll thank me after you (all) figured that out. Meanwhile, wash your hands. Do it.

Today’s farmers use synthetic fertilizers, then spray chemicals to kill the weeds and then spray chemicals again to kill the grains so they would mature faster for harvesting. Then animals and people consume the grains. With all the toxins in the food chain it is amazing we are still alive !!!!!!

Read Tom’s book ages ago, no such thing as viruses, and bacteria is not the cause of disease

Roman Numerals
Probably the most important interview Mike have ever did, thank you Mike!

I took in a internet lecture years ago on Homo erectus by an archaeologist from University of Texas.Opening statement was ‘Before i begin,i would like to state that we know nothing.’ The most profound and accurate statement ever made by a scientist.It should be prerequisite before any lectures of any sort brought before ant audience,anywhere.You people are dangerous.I don’t care what side of the ‘science’ you support,you are dangerous.

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