How Many More Adverse Effects Have Been Covered Up During the Trials?

How Many More Adverse Effects Have Been Covered Up During the Trials?

By Senator Gerard Rennick

This story of Maddie de Garay is why…

a) young children should not be vaccinated with drugs that haven’t been subjected to long term testing in adults and are proven to be safe
b) drug companies should not be trusted to carry out trials on their own drugs given the inherent conflict of interest
c) Health bureaucrats need to do better quality assurance around drug testing and
d) politicians need to hold Health bureaucrats to account for their failure to detect adverse events from vaccines.

Serious questions need to asked as to why Pfizer has not recorded Maddie’s injuries as a serious adverse event and calls into question the credibility of their Covid-19 vaccines trials.


Here’s what others had to say:

Jac PalSib
It is awful what is happening to children and adults, all over the world.
On Maatouks law group here in Australia,
There is also a 12-year-old that can not walk, after his V.
The lawyer has had quite a lot of V injuries reported to him.
I sincerely hope the families will get some justice.
I also hope the Oz Gov does not mandate this for children to attend school.

Shelley Dobbin
It makes me so sad what has happened to Maddie. I wish the government and mainstream media would stop hiding the adverse reactions.
Have we forgotten what happened with thalidomide? It took 5 years for the truth to come out about it!

Shannon Miller
All of these unfortunate people suffering reactions or worse,losing loved ones due to this jab, need to front up at Parliament house and msm offices pharmaceutical companies and show them what they have done, through coercion,their lies and complete disregard and no public acknowledgement of what is happening. This is absolutely disgusting please people, wake up to what is going on and do not comply, and do not get your children jabbed!!

Matt Charles
Everyone aware needs to understand this: It is all deliberate. Drug corporations have been influence government policy for decades, none of this is new. It’s just gone to much more extreme level. TGA, medical association, they are all in on the corruption. Not necessarily everyone involved in this scam is corrupt, some may tell themselves there is merit, but have convince themselves they do. Essentially it’s all manipulated, covering up side effects, manipulating trial data, it’s all done deliberately and has been for years. That’s why these drug corporations have received such massive fines, because they knowingly commit crimes. Very similar to banks. Do as much corruption as possible and pay a small percentage of profits back as fines. Rinse and repeat. Let’s hope something in the courts can put a stop to all of this but in reality there is far too much money/power behind the scenes we don’t see, that no matter the small victories, they are but speed bumps on the road to destruction.

Brenda Croft
No words can describe this insanity perpetrated by our government.

Glenn Nicholson
Too many health Bureaucrats related to, or with close links to politicians.

Yumi Lee
So sorry. Children SHOULDN’T be a TRIAL – Child sacrifice that is. Let’s stop this nonsense asap. And the vax companies should be held accountable.

Deb Ford
This is absolutely disgusting they should be charged the lot of them crimes against humanity!!

Alex Cockburn
Absolutely terrible !!!
When are these people going to be held accountable ??!!

Mish Mish
That is absolutely disgusting. Yep .. keep following the ‘science’. I’m appalled. These poor people and parents. Unless it happens to people themselves they can’t/won’t believe it. My heart my goes out to this family.

Jenelle Choyce
I just had a similar incident of the hospital not wanting to report my daughter’s adverse reaction, which resulted in her being hospitalised in Toowoomba. Apparently the reaction doesn’t meet the reporting criteria?? Shameful.

Damien Fuller
Didn’t surprise me that a representative of Pfizer didn’t show up to that meeting. Gutless organisation that puts people in danger but don’t have the decency to explain what is going on.

Natter Lee
So terribly sad. And so many parents lining up to get their kids vaxxed simply because they choose to do no research, and further because these (many) stories are being hidden. Just disgraceful.

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