The Pandemic of the Quackzinnated

The Pandemic of the Quackzinnated

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

You mean get jabbed so you get infected.

The pandemic of the quackzinnated.

Australian National Review

For news that doesn’t tolerate Pfizer Sponsored Chief Health Officers earning Pfizer bonuses

Here’s what others had to say:

Andrea Finch
Develop immunity they say. Shoutout to my immune system! Doing what it does best.

Deborah Singer
But getting the jab doesn’t protect you only getting the virus does.

Rachel DeFrancesco
WHO came out saying countries are using boosters to kill kids … They said kill kids

Robbie Eacott
Wait a minute- one case of Omicron in ICU with Underlying Health Problems- but positive CoVid test Right ? Absolutely Normal

Cameron Halliday
Antibody dependant enhancement. People will get sick. Protocol will have it documented as Omicron. The cycle continues.

Paul Daniel
Natural immunity thanks. With the help of preventive protocols.

George Orwell
Whatch him back track and say that he ‘misspoke’ once his handlers catch up with him….💯

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